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Sunday Bible Studies at 9:45am
Sunday Worship at 11:00am
Family Fellowship Service, Sundays at 6pm
Olympians Kids
Ministries, Fridays at 630pm
Youth Group, Wednesdays at 7pm

121 Bennett Road,
Essex MD 21221





Worship God. Love Others. Reach the World.

The global climate looks uncertain—in fact, it looks downright stormy. Sometimes, we all need to come in from the rain and receive a little hope to keep us going. Tabernacle Baptist Church wants to be a safe haven, a shelter from the winds of change. We know about real issues, but we also know a real God who has a plan that never changes.

Each week, you will experience teaching that will be relevant to your life, music that describes what a life in Christ is all about, and get to know some new people along your spiritual journey. And not just for you… your kids will learn in a positive environment, and have a blast getting to know brand new friends. Share your real life; we’ll do the same, and let’s get through the storm together!

Everyone is unique – no one understands that better than God. He welcomes you unconditionally, and so do we. Tees or ties, quirky or quiet, polished or pierced, canes or kids… at Tabernacle Baptist Church you’ll feel comfortable and accepted. We’re enjoying God’s love and discovering the unique people He made us to be. Come enjoy great music and relevant (God-centered) messages at a church where you can just be yourself.

Our Worship times are:

Coffee and Fellowship: Sundays at 9:30am
Sunday Bible Studies: Sundays 9:45am
Family Fellowship Service: Sundays at 6pm
Youth Group: Wednesdays at 7pm
Olympians Children’s Ministrys: Fridays at 6:30pm

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